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A Sad Time As We say Goodbye To A "True Legend" .."One More Song For You" by Philip Mayab

This will be one the easiest, but saddest blogs I will ever write. My all time favorite CCM astists, The Imperials issued an official statement this past weekend that after 54 years, the group would be retiring. Part of me was not surprised…a run of 54 years in any musical ge  read more

"Guitarist Extraordinaire" Guess Who? By Philip Mayaab

There are some names that are instantly recognizable in almost every professional field, and contemporary Christian music is no exception. While some artists may be recognized by a small number of fans, others are instantly known by multitudes of people, even folks who aren't necessarily f  read more

Vocal Harmonies That Will Make You Pay Attention;"First Call's Undivided" by Philip Mayaab

Throughout the history of Contemporary Christian music, there have been numerous vocal groups who have taken the art tight harmony to another level. When you hear them sing, you instantly recognize the work that they have put in to perfecting their vocal "blend", and if you're like me, the  read more