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The King of Rock & Roll Leads us Into Christmas:by Philip Mayaab

It is the final week of the "official" Christmas season, and with it comes our final Christmas edition of Vinyl Revival. I have to confess, I do not own enough Christmas albums on vinyl...most of what I have are on compact discs. When trying to lay out a battle plan for Vinyl Revival this  read more

"Christmas at Our House" Out of The Closet After 40+Years; by Philip Mayabb

This week's edition of this blog will probably be different from all the others we have presented this year. When I choose an album to play each week on CCM Classic, I try to pick one that I enjoy, and I feel that each of you - our listeners, will enjoy as well. My other job is to write a  read more

Spend A Little Christmas With "The Imperials" by Philip Mayabb

At Christmas time 1980, The Imperials were on top of the CCM world. They had enjoyed steady, progressive success ever since the 1977 addition of baritone singer David Will and lead singer Russ Taff. Each album they released got bigger and bigger, and they hit the stratosphere with the   read more

Do You Know Lanny Wolfe? By Philip Mayaab

Every musical genre has them...those artists that have some major hits, but just don't seem to garner the recognition that their talent says they should have, and the Lanny Wolfe Trio is one of those artists. They have a plethora of great songs, courtesy of Lanny Wolfe's amazing writing ability  read more