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This Christian Artist Started His Career With His Own Funk Band ala Sly & The Family Stone? By Philip Mayabb

When I first began listening to Contemporary Christian music in the late 70s, there were several different things I liked about the genre. I like the fact that it sounded like pop music (to this day, I STILL don't do country music), I really liked the idea of singing about other subjects than j  read more

Amy Grants "Humble Beginning to Iconic Crossover Artsit"; by Philip Mayaab

This week is a little different on Vinyl Revival, mostly because the album we're playing was not easy to find on vinyl in the United States, in fact, I had to get my vinyl copy of it from a dealer in Germany. That notwithstanding, I was thrilled as could be when the album arrived, and e  read more

Isaac Air Freight Delivers...Ask Tommy Coomes:by Philip Mayaab

Well, this week is something special on CCM Classic's Vinyl Revival - it's a week of firsts...three of them! We are featuring our first "greatest hits" type album, our first spoken word album, and our first comedy album, all in the same week. Now before you start saying things like "oh ma  read more