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Do You Believe in Giants? Soon You Will! By Philip Mayabb

Not all music fans have the same tastes, but most everybody has a list of artists that they feel are underrated or underappreciated. You know the ones I'm talking about - artists that are fairly well known, but just never seem to have that breakthrough moment or album. The band who hel  read more

Greg X Volz; The Power Singer. Read All About It! By Philip Mayabb

Change can be a curious thing sometimes, especially in the music business. It can be especially difficult for a band, but most notably when it involves a lead vocalist. When the fans are used to hearing a particular voice singing the songs that they know and love, it can be a tough sell w  read more

So Many Memories; by Philip Mayabb

This week on Vinyl Revival, we're something a little bit different, and for multiple reasons. Like most music fans, I am mostly positive when it comes to the subject of "greatest hits" albums, and we play a lot of them on CCM Classic. When I was a kid however, my mom and dad were not f  read more

Kickstarting 2020 With One Of My Favorite Albums; Guess Who! by Philip Mayaab

It is a new year, and a new decade as well, and even though I have enjoyed taking a break from the blog during the Christmas season, it is time for Vinyl Revival and our weekly blog to once again get back to work. I have had some time to refocus my thoughts and energies for the upcoming ye  read more