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Big Hair, Big Personalities, Big Ambitions...The 80s by Philip Mayabb Rewind

Ah yes, the eighties...everything was BIG! Big hair, big personalities, big ambitions, etc. The eighties were big, and contemporary Christian music made its biggest strides during the decade. Artists began selling more albums and concert tickets, mainstream record label sought out  read more

The Archers Rewind "Keep Singn' That Love Song;by Philip Mayabb

Before we begin this week, ask yourself a question...have you EVER known the Archers to produce a bad album, or even a mediocre one, for that matter? Shouldn't take long to answer...the Archers turned out some of CCM's finest recordings from 1972-1991, and even when they  read more

Steve Camp Has Never Been Afraid to Bite The Hand That Fed Him; by Philip Mayabb

Have you ever met someone that wasn't afraid to say what they thought at any time? Most of us have, in fact most people are well acquainted with someone who fits that category. The artist on this week's featured Vinyl Revival LP has amassed a reputation for doing just that...speaking o  read more

The Storm is Here: Read all About It; by Philip Mayaab

This week on CCM Classic's Vinyl Revival, we're featuring an album by a husband and wife duo that aren't known so much for their musical artistry, but for their creative prowess, and studio work. That being said, they have turned out some pretty good albums as well, and this week we're   read more