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So Many Memories Rewind; by Philip Mayabb

This week on Vinyl Revival, we're something a little bit different, and for multiple reasons. Like most music fans, I am mostly positive when it comes to the subject of "greatest hits" albums, and we play a lot of them on CCM Classic. When I was a kid however, my mom and dad were not f  read more

In Memory of Gary McSpadden; by Philip Mayabb

As Christians, we often wonder why bad things happen to good people...why it is that men and women who have served God for so many years suddenly find themselves in peril. The answer is simple, as Romans 2:11 explains, "for there is no respect of persons with God." Sad as it may seem,   read more

The Inside Scoop On "More Power To Ya" Rewind; by Philip Mayabb

What's in a name? Webster's Dictionary defines the word Classic as "serving as a standard of excellence". It might seem that I throw that word around a lot in my blogs, but think about it this way...our very name (CCM Classic) would indicate that we strive to play vintage Contempora  read more

What's All The Fuss About Medals? Rewind by Philip Mayaab

What can we say about Russ Taff's iconic 1985 LP Medals that hasn't been said already? It is probably the most memorable of his solo recordings, and still sounds mighty good today, 33 years after its initial release. Medals was awarded the 1986 Dove Award for Pop/Contempor  read more