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Vocal Harmonies That Will Make You Pay Attention;"First Call's Undivided" by Philip Mayaab

Throughout the history of Contemporary Christian music, there have been numerous vocal groups who have taken the art tight harmony to another level. When you hear them sing, you instantly recognize the work that they have put in to perfecting their vocal "blend", and if you're like me, the  read more

The Cornerstone of The CCM Music Industry:Guess Who? Philip Mayabb

When the name Gaither is mentioned to a Christian music fan, most of them will instantly think about the long running Homecoming series of videos, or the successful tours of the same name. For the past 25 years, the Gaithers have been a cornerstone of the Southern Gospel market, and SG fa  read more

Have You Ever Heard "Voices" If So, Have You Ever Talked To Anyone About It? by Philip Mayaab

I think every musical genre has artists who are known for their voice as much as they are for the songs they sing. Most everyone would instantly recognize the voice of Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Nat King Cole, or many others just like them. Christian music is no different...there ar  read more

A Personal Confession: "Roby Duke" by Philip Mayaab

There is an old Scottish proverb that says "Open confession is good for the soul", so before we get into our blog this week, I have a confession...two actually. Even though I pick albums from my own personal LP collection to play on Vinyl Revival each week, this one is actually borrowed fro  read more

11 Consecutive Vocalist of The Year Awards...Guess Who? by Philip Mayaab

The 80s were the decade that contemporary Christian music became a financial juggernaut. During the 70s, artists were trying to become established with the fans, and the notion of Godly lyrics set to pop music was a tough sell, to a mainly traditional Christian consumer. In the 80s howeve  read more

"Make Me Ready"....For What?...For Farrell & Farrell! By Phillip Mayabb

In 1981, the Contemporary Christian music industry was growing by leaps and bounds. Over the previous 5 or so years, it had seen steady growth in album and ticket sales, and the industry itself was starting to emerge as a real musical entity. Younger fans (myself included) were getting into th  read more

The King of Not Only Rock but Gospel, Jake Hess, Terry Blackwood, Armond Morales and The Other Imperials Keeping it Alive; by Philip Mayabb

I will never forget the afternoon of August 16, 1976...I was a 9 year old little boy, at my grandmother's house (she was my babysitter), and I was watching "The Mod Squad" on television (can any of you remember that show?). All at once, the local station's news anchor interrupted the sh  read more

"Everybody Needs A Little Help" David Meece by Philip Mayabb

Ah, the early days of the Contemporary Christian music "industry" in the late 70s...the "Jesus Music" era was winding down, and the days of artists just simply finding some place to perform, were coming to an end. Traditional Christians, who for many years had little choice in "gospel"   read more

"One of The Most Important Men In Christian Music This Era" Andrae Crouch; By Philip Mayaab

1973 was a year of big events. The Vietnam War was still two years from ending, the trials for the Watergate Scandal began, and Roe V. Wade was passed. On the musical front, Stevie Wonder cleaned up at the Grammy Awards, winning 4. The Oakland A’s won the World Series, the Mi  read more

Loved By So Many....Amy Grant by Phillip Mayabb

There are albums that will forever be considered “cornerstone” classics in the history of Contemporary Christian music, and this week’s Vinyl Revival LP, Amy Grant’s Age To Age, is absolutely one of the albums on that list. It was Amy’s first alb  read more