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Jane Farrell's 50th Salvation Anniversary Testimony;by Jane Farrell

January 17, 1971 was also a Sunday. Around January 15, 1971, I was working at KULF pop radio in Houston, TX. I had been placed in charge of public service announcements. A young lawyer named Bill Morris came in with an event he wanted to promote on the radio; a Crusade happenin  read more

"Everybody Needs A little Help" by Phillip Mayabb

Ah, the early days of the Contemporary Christian music "industry" in the late 70s...the "Jesus Music" era was winding down, and the days of artists just simply finding some place to perform, were coming to an end. Traditional Christians, who for many years had little choice in "gospel"   read more

We Are Talking "Heavy Medals"; by Philip Mayabb

What can we say about Russ Taff's iconic 1985 LP Medals that hasn't been said already? It is probably the most memorable of his solo recordings, and still sounds mighty good today, 33 years after its initial release. Medals was awarded the 1986 Dove Award for Pop/Contemporary Album Of  read more

Dallas Holm & Praise Live 1977_A Very Special Album; by Philip Mayabb

This week, we will celebrate what in my opinion should be the most joyous day on the calendar for a Christian, and that is Easter. Yes, we love Christmas, because that is the day that we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but without His death on Good Friday, there  read more

Here is "A Taste of Eternity" Spurr & McNeil;by Philip Mayabb

I'm sure that most anyone who is a serious music fan can think of at least one artist who was not given a sufficient chance to show how good they really were. You know, those artists that are often referred to as "one hit wonders", who are generally remembered for a single song. Music   read more

The Nelons History and Album "Thanks" Reprint from

History of The Nelons Reprint from Southern Gospel History After Urias LeFevre ( retired from the LeFevres ( in 1975, their lon  read more

Tim Sheppard Biography by with Intro by Philip Mayabb

Introduction By Philip Mayabb: One of the things I love the most about being involved with CCM Classic, and playing classic contemporary Christian music is the memories that the music invokes. Sure, all old music does that to a certain extent, but if you're like me, and you grew up during y  read more

Age to Age; An Amy Grant Story; by Philip Mayabb

There are albums that will forever be considered “cornerstone” classics in the history of Contemporary Christian music, and this week’s Vinyl Revival LP, Amy Grant’s Age To Age, is absolutely one of the albums on that list. It was Amy’s first album to  read more


There are some names that are instantly recognizable in almost every professional field, and contemporary Christian music is no exception. While some artists may be recognized by a small number of fans, others are instantly known by multitudes of people, even folks who aren't necessa  read more

Did You Know That New Song Was a Southern Gospel Quartet: by Philip Mayabb

If I were to ask "which hit do you think of first when I mention the name NewSong?", which one would you choose? I don't have time to go through all of them, but some of the more familiar ones might be "Arise My Love", or maybe "This One's With Me" or quite possibly "The Christmas Shoes", but w  read more