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The Lady Of Lady's Reba Rambo; by Philip Mayabb

It is a joy to be back for the Vinyl Revival blog, I have truly missed writing these posts about the albums we feature on VR, but we have had very few new albums to feature over the last four months or so. Such is not the case this week, as we back to full strength, and I am ready to wr  read more

Bryan Duncan Cuts Edges With The "Sweet Comfort Band" Rewind: by Philip Mayabb

As we continue our celebration of classic Christian rock this month, our second stop takes us to the west coast, to enjoy one of the best and most interesting recordings by one of the genre's best and most interesting artists. This week, we're returning to 1982, to listen to Cutting Edg  read more

White Heart 1982 Rewind; Don't Miss This!! by Philip Mayabb

In the year of our Lord 1981, the Bill Gaither Trio released a historically significant album...a double LP called "Live Across America". The album was significant for two reasons...first, it included Bill Gaither and Gary McSpadden singing in a quartet with backup singers Steve Green a  read more

Everybody Needs A Liitle Help Rewind Sings David Meece; by Philip Mayabb

Ah, the early days of the Contemporary Christian music "industry" in the late 70s...the "Jesus Music" era was winding down, and the days of artists just simply finding some place to perform, were coming to an end. Traditional Christians, who for many years had little choice in "gospel"   read more

Dallas Holm Praise Live Rewind; by Philip Mayaab

We're bringing a very special album to you this week. Recorded and released in 1977 "Dallas Holm & Praise Live" is a landmark LP. This is one a very small handful of albums that I consider a "must have" for any classic CCM fan. Over 500,000 copies of this album have sold making it an  read more

"Make Me Ready"....For What?...For Farrell & Farrell Rewind! By Phillip Mayabb

In 1981, the Contemporary Christian music industry was growing by leaps and bounds. Over the previous 5 or so years, it had seen steady growth in album and ticket sales, and the industry itself was starting to emerge as a real musical entity. Younger fans (myself included) were getting into th  read more

Sherman Andrus and Terry Blackwood; Two Different Worlds; by Philip Mayaab

When it comes to musical upbringing, Sherman Andrus and Terry Blackwood could not have came from much different worlds. Terry came from one of the most iconic Southern Gospel families ever, being the son of Doyle Blackwood, who was a founding member of the legendary Blackwood Brothers Q  read more

Greg X Volz; The Power Singer Rewind; Read All About It! By Philip Mayabb

Change can be a curious thing sometimes, especially in the music business. It can be especially difficult for a band, but most notably when it involves a lead vocalist. When the fans are used to hearing a particular voice singing the songs that they know and love, it can b  read more

Vocal Harmonies That Will Make You Pay Attention;"First Call's Undivided Rewind" by Philip Mayaab

Throughout the history of Contemporary Christian music, there have been numerous vocal groups who have taken the art tight harmony to another level. When you hear them sing, you instantly recognize the work that they have put in to perfecting their vocal "blend", and if you're like me, the  read more

So Many Memories Rewind; by Philip Mayabb

This week on Vinyl Revival, we're something a little bit different, and for multiple reasons. Like most music fans, I am mostly positive when it comes to the subject of "greatest hits" albums, and we play a lot of them on CCM Classic. When I was a kid however, my mom and dad were not f  read more