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Your CCM Memory by Alan Scott

Somewhere, somehow you were introduced to CCM through radio, church, a friend, family member or right here at CCM Classic. We’ve learned that CCM Classic is enjoyed by various ages and backgrounds. Really, it’s no surprise. Yet, your CCM story is unique. B  read more

A guest blog from CCM artist Cheri Keaggy: Lessons in Links and Retro Spotlight

Breathe, Cheri, Breathe. I can feel my neck and shoulders tensing up. There’s a sick feeling in my gut. It will take everything in me to muster the courage, but I must. Once and for all, I must learn how to post a clickable link into my blog. I’m the featured artist this week on CCM Cl  read more

Cheri Keaggy, Both Hands Foundation and Pure Religion

Cheri Keaggy, Both Hands Foundation and Pure Religion We thought we spotted a familiar face recently in a YouTube video about a home improvement project. After looking a little more closely - yep, there she was - at a minute and forty-two seconds in, wearing a bandana, overalls and a giant s  read more

Five CCM Songs You Might Not Know Were Covers

Five CCM Songs You Might Not Know Were Covers By Allison Hunsaker Many great songwriters’ songs were covered by other artists. Sometimes people are unaware that a song originated with another artist. I’d like to honor these great songwriters. If you haven’t heard   read more

This Is What You Call Classic "What A Difference 100 Years Makes"

A Classic "1910" Ford Automobile... Check out these facts: The average life expectancy for men was 47 years. Fuel for this car was sold in drug stores only. Only 14 percent of the homes had a bathtub. Only 8 percent of the homes had a telephone. There wer  read more

The Archers New Single “He Ain’t Heavy”

The last time The Archers released a recording: Dan Quale was Vice President. The average cost of gas per gallon was $1.12. The Dow topped 3000 for the first time. "Dances With Wolves" won the Oscar for Best Picture. Boris Yeltsin was elected President of Russia. Kids everywhere were  read more

Gary Chapman, Duck Dynasty and Private Lives of Nashville Wives

What do CCM artist Gary Chapman, The Robertson family of “Duck Dynasty” and TNT’s “Private Lives of Nashville Wives” all have in common? It all comes together in the season finale of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty.” The episode features the usual Robertso  read more

Michael W. Smith Releases Decades of Worship Jan. 17

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Project Brings Together Smith’s Most Popular Worship Songs (Nashville, Tenn.) Jan. 9, 2012—Having released the acclaimed instrumental project, GLORY (Nov. 21, 2011), celebrated artist, songwriter, composer, instrumentalist, performer, author and producer, Michael W. S  read more