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Week: Sept 17 -Sept 23

Coming: Vinyl Revival; playing all week:     "Various Voices" 

Repeat Song Highlight this week:"Hey Mon"  Danny Taylor

Point of Grace Albums

"Rarities & Remixes"                         

"The Whole Truth"

"Free To Fly"                     

"Steady On"

"Point of Grace"

"The Whole Truth

"Beautiful Name"  

Cheri Keaggy Albums

"Because He First Loved Us"             

"Child of The Faith"                

"Very Best of Cheri Keaggy"

"So I Can Tell" 

"No Longer My Own" 

Syndicated Shows

Point of Grace Album Release "Beautiful Name"       

Cheri Keaggy Album Release        "No Longer My Own"

Point of Grace Show 1      

Point of Grace 2

Cheri Keaggy Show 1   

Cheri Keaggy Show 2   

Show Times

Monday, Sept 17

8:30AM,PointofGrace Release Sh
10:00AM No Longer My Own Alb.
11:00AM Vinyl Revival Alb
12:00PMPointofGrace Release Sh
4:00PM,Cheri Keaggy Release Sh
5:30PM,No Longer My Own Alb
7:00PM, Vinyl Revival Alb
8:00PM,Cheri Keaggy Release Sh
9:30PM No Longer My Own Alb

Tuesday, Sept 18

8:30AM,Point of Grace Show 1
12:00PM,Staedy On Album
4:00PM,Vinyl Revival Alb
5:00PM,The Whole Truth Alb
6:00PM,Point of Grace Show 1

Wednesday, Sept 19

7:30AM, Vinyl Revival Alb
8:30AM,Point of Grace Show 2
12:00PM, Rarities & Remixes Alb
5:00PM Free To Fly Album
6:00PM,Point of Grace Show 2
7:00PMPoint Grace Self Titled Alb
8:00PM, Medals Album

Thursday, Sept 20

8:30AM, Cheri Keaggy Show 1
12:00PMBecause He First Loved 
2:00PM,Vinyl Revival Alb
5:00PM, Child of The Father Alb
6:00PM, Cheri Keaggy Show 1

Friday, Sept 21

6:00AM,Vinyl Revival Alb
8:30AM,Cheri Keaggy Show 2
12:00PM, So I Can Tell Album
5:00PM,Best of Cheri Keaggy
6:00PM, Cheri Keaggy Show 2
9:00PM, Vinyl Revival Alb

Saturday, September 22

11:00AM,oint of Grace Show 1
12:00AM, Point of Grace Show 2
1:00PM, Cheri Keaggy Show 1
2:00PM, Cheri Keaggy Show 2
3:00PM, POG Alb Release
4:00PM,POG Beautiful Name Alb
5:00PM,Vinyl Revival Alb
6:15PM,CK No Longer My Own Al
7:15PM,CK Album Release Show

Sunday, September 23

All Day Song Rotation

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Song Highlight of The Week
"Hey Mon by Danny Taylor"

Danny Taylor's "Hey Mon" is one of the neatest CCM songs you might ever hear.  This funny, yet serious song appeared on Danny's 1978 double live album called "I'm Not A One Man Show", and quickly began its rise up the charts. Afer a successful initial chart run, the song ended up as the 19th biggest CCM chart hit of 1979, due largely to its unique style of music (Caribbean), and vocal styling  
It was DannyTaylor's biggest charting single ever, and still catches the attention of folks who hear it, even now.Be listening for this classic track on Song Highlight Of The Week,and don't be ashamed if you find yourself singing along before the song is has that sort of effect on people! 

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