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Week: June 17 - June 23

Viny Revival: "Just Sit Back" Chris Christian


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Monday, June 17

12:00AM, Song Writers Clinic promo
7:00AM, Album "Vision"          Chris Eaton
8:00AM, Song Writers Clinic promo
9:00AM, Vinyl Revival "Just Sit Back" Chris Christian
10:00AM, Album "Voices in The Shadows" The Choir
11:30AM, Album "The Ride " 4Him
1:30AM, Album "Wait for Me " Rebecca St James
1:30PM Album "War & Remembrance" Petra
4:30PM Album "The Light Years" Andrea Couch
5:30PM Song Writers Clinic promo
6:30PM Vinyl Revival "just Sit Back" Chris Christian
8:00PM, Album "The Very Best of" The Winans

Tuesday, June 18

1:00AM, Song Writers Clinic promo
7:30AM, Album "Heavenly Love" The Boones
9:00AM, Song Writers Clinic promo
10:00AM,Vinyl Revival "Just Sit Back" Chris Christian
10:45AM, Chris Christian Show
12:30AM, Album "Testify to Love" Avalon
3:00AM, Album "Twenty Stories Tall" Mark Lowry
5:00AM, Album "Recollection" Leslie Phillips
6:30PM Song Writers Clinic promo
7:30PM Vinyl Revival "Just Sit Back" Chris Christian
9:00PM, Album "Bash-N-The-Code" Bash-N-The-Code

Wednesday, June 12

3:00AM, Song of The Week
7:00AM,Album "Sail on Sailor"       Mustard Seed of Faith
8:00AM, Vinyl Revival "Sincerely Yours" Gary Chapman
8:45AM, Song of The Week
9:00AM, Album "Another Time, Another Place" Sandi Patty
10:00AM, Album "Break-in The Ice" Sweet Comfort Band
11:00AM, Album "Walls of Glass" Russ Taff
12:00AM, Album "Point of Grace" Point of Grace
1:00AM, Album "Come to The Waters" Children of The Day 
2:00AM, Album "Soldiers of The Light" Blackwood & Co 
3:00AM, Album "Heat it Up"       DeGarmo & Key
4:00AM, Album "Blame it On The One I Love" Kelly Willard
4:45AM, Song of The Week
5:00PM Album "Lead Me On"  Amy Grant
6:00PM Album "Under The Waterfall" Cindy Morgan
7:00PM Album "Retropspect" Rob Frazier
8:00PM Album "Let The Wind Blow" The Imperials
9:00PM Album "Give 'Em The Word" Two Hearts
10:45PM, Song of The Week

Thursday, June 13

2:00AM, Song of The Week
7:00AM,SonicFloodShow 1
8:00AM, SonicFlood Show 2
9:30AM, Song of The Week
10:00AM, Album "Daniel Amos"  Daniel Amos
11:30AM, Album "Grand Opening" Blackwood & Co 
12:30AM, Vinyl Revival "One X 1" Gaither Vocal Bandbr
2:00AM, Album "Taste of Eternity" Spurr & McNeil
3:00AM, Album "Follow Him" Kenny Marks
4:30AM, Album "Farrell & Farrell" Farrell & Farrell
5:15AM, Song of The Week 5:30AM, Album "Nicol Smith" Nicol Smith
7:00PM Vinyl Revival "One X 1" Gaither Vocal Bandbr
8:30PM Album "BeBe & CeCe Winans" BeBe & CeCe Winans
11:00PM, Song of The Week

Friday, June 14

3:30AM, Song of The Week
7:30AM, Steve Archer Show 1
8:30AM, Steve Archer Show 2 
9:30AM, Album "Stay Right Here" Steve Archer
10:30AM, Album "Soldiers Alone" Holm, Sheppard, Johnson
11:00AM, Vinyl Revival "One X 1" Gaither Vocal Bandbr
12:30AM, Album "Casting Crowns" Casting Crowns
2:00AM, Album "First Call" Undivided
3:30AM, Album "Michelle Pilar" Michelle Pilar
4:30AM, Song of The Week
5:00PM Vinyl Revival "One X 1" Gaither Vocal Bandbr
7:00PM Album "Signatures" Wayne Watson
9:45PM, Song of The Week

Saturday, June 8

1:15AM, Song of The Week
8:00AM, Jonny Diaz Show 1
9:00AM, Jonny Diaz Show 2
10:00AM, Album "Shades of White"  Jonny Diaz
10:45AM, Album "More" 
10:45AM, Song of The Week
11:00AM, Ashley Cleveland Show
12:00AM, Album "Bus Named Desire" Ashley Cleveland
1:00AM, Vinyl Revival "One X 1" Gaither Vocal Bandbr
2:00AM,Steve Archer Show 1
3:00AM, Steve Archer Show 2
4:00AM, Album "Hits" Steve Archer
5:15AM, Song of The Week
5:30AM, SonicFloodShow 1
6:30PM SonicFloodShow 2
7:30PM Album "Gold Disc 1" Sonic Flood
9:30PM Vinyl Revival "One X 1" Gaither Vocal Bandbr
11:45PM, Song of The Week

Sunday, June 9

Many Great Albums in Rotation

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