CCM Classic Story, how we got started



     "Whole In The Sight of Good" 

     Steve Siler, Music for The Soul

               "Dream Again" 

                  Phil Keaggy



               "So I Can Tell" 

                Cheri Keaggy


              Cynthia Clawson

           "As Sure As The Sun" 

                Ellie Holcomb


               Matthew West

           "The Rock Cries Out" 


           "The Edge of Flight" 

              Randy Matthews

                  "Press On" 


  Syndicated Shows:

              Aaron Jeffrey


       Farrell & Farrell Show 1

       Farrell & Farrell Show 2

            Brent Bourgeois

     Best of Shows:

            About A Mile

             Third Day

           Bryon Duncan

            Chuck Girard

           Don Francisco

Monday, May 22

7:00AM,Steve Siler Album
8:00AM, BarlowGirl Album 
12:00PM, Best of Third Day
5:00PM,Randy Matthews Album

Tuesday, May 23

7:00AM, Aaron Jeffrey Show
8:00AM, Phil Keaggy Album
12:00PM, Best of About A Mile
1:00PM, Farrell&Farrell Show 1
5:00PM, Selah Album 

Wednesday, May 24

7:00AM, Anointed Show
8:00AM, Cheri Keaggy Album
12:00PM, Best of Chuck Girard
1:00PM, Farrell&Farrell Show 2
5:00PM, Steve Siler Album

Thursday, May 25

7:00AM,Brent Bourgeois Show
8:00AM, Cynthia Clawson Album
12:00PM, Best of Don Francisco
1:00PM, Matthew West Album
5:00PM, Farrell&Farrell Show 1

Friday, May 26

7:00AM Steve Siler Album
8:00AM, Ellie Holcomb Album
12:00PM, Best of Bryan Duncan
1:00PM, Petra Album
5:00PM, Farrell&Farrell Show 2

Saturday, May 27

9:00AM, Steve Siler Album 
12:00PM, Best of Third Day
5:00PM, Ellie Holcomb Album

Sunday, May 28

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