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Week: Aug 19-Aug 25

Song Highlight:

Various Artists "All Things Are Possible" Dan Peek

Vinyl Revival

"Holm, Sheppard, Johnson" 


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Monday, Aug 19

12:00AM, Song of The Week
6:00AM, Song of The Week
8:00AM, All 90s Music #5
9:00AM, All 90s Music #18
10:15AM, Song of The Week
10:30AM, Vinyl Revival "Holm, Sheppard, Johnson"
11:30AM, Album "Stand Your Guard" Two Hearts
12:30AM, Album "Mission" Jonathan Pierce
2:00PM, Album "Invisible Girl" Julie Miller
3:00PM, Best of Randy Stonehill
4:00PM, Vinyl Revival "Holm, Sheppard, Johnson"
5:30PM, Album "Wide Eyed Wonder" The Choir
6:30PM, Song of The Week "He Will Carry You"
7:30PM Album "You Oughta Know by Now" Rachel, Rachel
10:30PM, Song of The Week

Tuesday, Aug 20

1:30AM, Song of The Week
6:30AM, Song of The Week
7:30AM, Album "Mercy"          Brian Duncan
9:00AM, Album "Farrell & Farrell" Farrell & Farrell
10:00AM, Song of The Week
10:30AM, Album "Run Wild, Live Free, Love Strong" King & Country
12:00AM, Vinyl Revival "Holm, Sheppard, Johnson"
12:45AM, Album "Holm, Sheppard, Johnson                       "Soldiers Again"
1:30PM, Song of The Week
2:00PM, Album "Herat and Soul" Kathy Troccoli
3:30PM, Album "Run Wild, Live Free, Love Strong" King & Country
5:00PM, Album "My Paper Heart" Francesca Battistelli
6:00PM, Song of The Week
6:30PM, Album "Herat and Soul" Kathy Troccoli
8:00PM, Album "Rick Elias and The Confessions" 
9:30PM, Song of The Week

Wednesday, Aug 21

White Heart All Day & All Night

2:00AM, Song of The Week
4:00AM, White Heart Show With Rick Florian & Mark Gersmehl
7:00AM, White Heart Show With Rick Florian & Mark Gersmehl
8:00AM, Album "White Heart"        
8:45AM, Song of The Week
9:00AM, Album "Vital Signs" 
10:00AM, Album "Hot Line" 
11:00AM, Album "Live At Six Flags" 
12:00AM, Album "Don't Wait For The Movie" 
1:00AM, Album "Emergency" 
1:45PM, Song of The Week
2:00PM, Album "Freedom" 
3:00PM, Album "Powerhouse"
4:00PM, Album "Highlands"
5:00PM, Album "Tales of Wonder" 
6:00PM, Album "Inside" 
7:00PM, Vinyl "Redemption"
8:00PM, Album "Greatest Hits" 
9:15PM, Album "Nothing But The Best Radio Classics"" 
10:15PM, White Heart Show With Rick Florian & Mark Gersmehl
11:15PM, Song of The Week

Thursday, Aug 22

2:30AM, Song of The Week
5:30AM, Song of The Week
8:00AM, Album "Gold Disc 1" Sonic Flood       
9:30AM, Song of The Week
10:00AM, Vinyl Revival "Holm, Sheppard, Johnson"
11:00AM, Album "Shine: The Hits" Newsboys
12:00AM, Album "Don't Wait For The Movie" 
1:00AM, Song of The Week
1:30AM, Album "Doing My Best" Steve Camp
2:30PM, Album "Doing My Best Vol. 2" Steve Camp 
4:30PM, Album "24" Point of Grace
6:30PM,Song of The Week
7:00PM, Vinyl Revival "Holm, Sheppard, Johnson"
8:00PM, Album "Greatest Hits" Steven Curtis Chapman
10:00PM, Song of The Week

Friday, Aug 23


Saturday, Aug 24


Sunday, Aug 25

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Song Highlight of The Week
"All Things Are Possible" Dan Peek

All Things Are Possible is the solo debut album by Dan Peek after his departure from the popular soft rock band America. The album was released in 1979 and was a hit on contemporary Christian music radio stations. It was released by Pat Boone's label Lamb & Lion Records and was produced by Chris Christian, who also helped with the songwriting and contributed acoustic guitar and backing vocals on the album.Peek parted ways with America in 1977 shortly after release of the Harbor album. Years of life on the road had taken a toll on him. He renewed his Christian faith and had begun to seek a different artistic direction than the other band members Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell. With the release of All Things Are Possible, he became a pioneering artist in the emerging Christian pop music genre. The title track, "All Things Are Possible" was the first single from the album and was a hit on both the CCM and the mainstream charts, reaching No. 6 on the AC Billboard chart and No. 1 in the Christian charts for 13 weeks; making it one of the earliest, if not the first, CCM crossover hits.  The second single from the album, "Ready for Love" was a hit in Canada, making the top 10 in the Canadian Adult chart.  A third single, "Divine Lady" was released and made the CCM charts. Peek’s America band mates, Beckley and Bunnell, provided backing vocals on another song on the album, "Love Was Just Another Word”. This was the last time the three original members of America recorded together.  The album was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Gospel Performance, Contemporary at the 22nd Grammy Awards, losing to The Imperials album Heed the Call.[

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