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Week: April 15-April 21

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Monday, April 15

7:00AM, All 90s Music Show 1
8:00AM, All 90s Music Show 2
9:00AM, Album "Sixpence Non The Richer"
11:00AM, Album "The Call" Anointed
12:00AM, All 90s Music Show 11
1:00PM, All 90s Music Show 15
3:00PM, Album "Marked for Life" Bonnie Keen
4:00PM, All 90s Music Show 16
5:00PM, All 90s Music Show 17
6:00PM, All 90s Music Show 21

Tuesday, April 16

8:00AM, Jack Valesquez Show
9:00AM, Best of Jaci Valesquez
11:30AM, Vinyl Revival "Allies" Allies
1:00PM, Album "Gospel Music Hall of Fame, Disc 1"                The Imperials
2:00PM, Album "Gospel Music Hall of Fame, Disc 2"                The Imperials
3:30PM, Gary Chapman Show
5:00PM, All 90s Music Show 17
7:00PM, Album "Signatures" Wayne Watson

Wednesday, April 17

8:00AM, Album "Sometimes Miracles Hide" Bruce Carroll
8:45AM, Bruce Carroll Show
10:30AM, Vinyl Revival "Allies" Allies
12:00PM, Album "Just Right" Dallas Holm
1:00PM, Dallas Holm Show
3:30PM, Album "Sweet Comfort Band" Sweet Comfort Band
6:00PM, Vinyl Revival "Allies" Allies
7:00PM, Chuck Girard Show
8:00PM, Album "Love Song" Love Song

Thursday, April 18

7:30AM, Jay Sekulow Show 1
830AM, Jay Sekulow Show 2
10:00AM, Album "Sweet Comfort Band" Sweet Comfort Band
11:30AM, Vinyl Revival "Allies" Allies
12:30PM, Album "Breakaway"  Idle Cure
2:00PM, Album "Jars of Clay"   Jars of Clay
3:00PM, Album "Crack The Sky" Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart
4:00PM, Album "Freedom"      White Heart
5:30PM, Album "It Won't Be Long " Shout
7:00PM, Album "Straight On"  DeGarmon & Key
8:00PM, Vinyl Revival "Allies" Allies

Friday, April 19

8:00AM, Album "Flying Lessons"   Annie Herring
9:00AM, Album "Greatest Hits"   Kathy Troccoli
10:30AM, Vinyl Revival "Allies" Allies
11:30AM, Album "Never The Same" Evie Tornquist
12:30PM, Album "How You Live"  Point of Grace
2:00PM, Album "Another Time, Another Place"  Sandi Patty
3:00PM, Album "Genisis"          Joy Williams 
4:30PM, Vinyl Revival "On Fire" Petra
5:30PM, Album "Willing Heart " Kelly Willard
6:30PM, Album "Long Way Home"  Ginny Owens
8:00PM, Album "Lead Me On"  Amy Grant

Saturday, April 20


Sunday, April 21

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Song Highlight of The Week
"Water Colour Ponies" Wayne Watson

 This song, written by Wayne Watson with the help of Paul Mills, is a reminder to parents to cherish their children while they're young, and before its too late. Watson explained in CCM Magazine presents 100 Greatest Songs In Christian Music that the inspiration for the song came when he was sitting at his kitchen counter and noticed a school painting by one of his sons, Adam, sticking to the door. He added: "It sort of looked like a pony, but there were elements and other things I couldn't identify. The house was cluttered with kid stuff; I thought of how soon the clutter would change to other stuff and then be gone altogether. It helped me take a deep breathe and appreciate the gift in front of me-children in care.  

"Watson said in CCM Magazine presents 100 Greatest Songs In Christian Music that prior to recording this, he'd been taking a few jazz guitar lessons and the song's distinctive opening chords are a direct result of those lessons. He added; "I've never really used them in any other songs. Even now, in concerts, audiences recognize 'Ponies' from the first chord. 

"This won the 1988 Dove Award for Pop Contemporary Song of the Year.  

The Watercolour Ponies set also won the award for Pop Contemporary Album of the Year.



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