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FB Post Friday_6.2.2021

Good Tuesday evening to one and all! I hope you have had a great day, and that you have been listening to CCM Classic today. If not, I have some good news, we have more great music coming your way tomorrow, and that's what we are here to talk about. Of course, I have to start off   read more

FB Post Tuesday_6.1.2021

Good evening everybody, this is Philip Mayabb once again, and I'm filling in for Michael this week, he has some very important personal business to tend to, so he has asked me to pinch hit for a few days, and I was more than happy to do so. I hope that all of you have had a wonderful Memori  read more

FB Post Friday_5.31.2021

A Good Monday SM Family, It is Monday May 31 and first of all I want to thank all those that gave the ultimate sacrifice so that I can be doing what I am doing here today. Our country has always been very special not only to us, but to so many around the globe. We must continue to do whatever necess  read more

FB Post Friday_5.28.2021

Hello My FB Friends! Summer is definitely upon us here in Texas and so is Friday, May 28 . When the weather gets too hot, you either need to be in the water somewhere or in the AC listening to some great CCM Music. I hope that you have been listening to the Greg X Volz 4-part Inte  read more

FB Post Tuesday_25.2021

Hello Friends, And welcome to a great day of music. It is just about Tuesday; May 25 and I feel really good about my find this week for Vinyl Revival and The Song of The Week. I hope that you agree Vinyl Revival This week's Vinyl Revival Album is “Gospel Express&rdqu  read more

FB Post Thursday_5.20.2021

Hello My Many Friends! Friday, May 21st will soon be upon; it has been a fun, busy week of conversation with you all. We added a great deal of new music this week, so I have decided to rewind many of the albums of the week. We typically do this on Saturday, but this Saturday we ar  read more

FB Wednesday_5.12.2021

Greetings Friends! We are closing in on Thursday, May 13 and I hope that you are enjoying this week's programming. I try to mix it up as I am not a fan of the same music in rotation. I also enjoy giving you a taste of all Chri  read more

FB Post Tuesday_5.10.2021

Hello again to all of our social media friends, this is Philip Mayabb again this evening, and I'm real excited to tell you about tomorrow, because we have an epic day lined up for tomorrow, so much so that we're calling tomorrow our "Epic Eighties Tuesday." Tomorrow we will be goi  read more

FB Post Wednesday_3.24_2021

Hope All Is Well In Your Camp, Wednesday March 24 is fast approaching. I have another great new album; “Declaration” by Steven Curtis Chapman and a 2 part Point of Grace Show. We will also be airing and one of their old albums from the early 90s; The Whole Truth”  read more

FB Post Friday_3.19.2021

Hey hey Y’all! Once again we are at the end of the week. Friday, March 19 is in the front view mirror and yes, we have a great day of music planned for you. I hope that you took the time to listen to the Joel Vaughn interview. I just finished up part 2 and will h  read more