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FB Post Wednesday_1.6.2021

Greetings SM Family,
It is Wednesday January 6. I know that I have been bombarding you with a call for HELP! I need blog writers, folks that want to get involved in programming and social media people. There has got to be some of you out there amongst the 5000+ SM friends. I can not keep up the pace by myself and as I have often stated, this is not my radio station; it is all of ours. Help me keep great Christian music alive!!!!
So for Vinyl Revival, we are spinning Dallas Holm’s “Praise Live” album. In an addition to the album, Philip Mayabb has written a great blog post that you really need to take a few minutes to read. Here is an excerpt:
We're bringing a very special album to you this week. Recorded and released in 1977 "Dallas Holm & Praise Live" is a landmark LP. This is one a very small handful of albums that I consider a "must have" for any classic CCM fan. Over 500,000 copies of this album have sold making it an RIAA certified gold album.
Make sure to check out the blog on this album from Philip Mayaab at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVbhSHLFBq4
The song of the week is one that I heard a few weeks ago for the first time in a long time and it really touch me. It is “A Place Called Heaven” By Rob Frazier. I can not imagine that it will do the same for you.
Some new albums just added are:
WOW 1996: 2hours and 3o minutes of great songs
Brandon Heath:Don’t Get Comfortable
Matthew West: Into The Light
Here is the Program Schedule:
2AM Vinyl Revival”Praise Live” Dallas Holm
4AM Song of the Week “A Place Called Heaven”
7AM Album For Future Generations” 4Him
8:30AM Song of the Week “A Place Called Heaven”
8:45AM Album“Run Wild, Live Free, Love Strong” King & Country
9:45AM Album ”Hymns” Guy Penrod
10:45AM Song of the Week “True Beauty” Mandissa
11:45AM Song of the Week “A Place Called Heaven”
12AM Album l”25 Favorites” Geoff Moore
2PM Album “Dancing In The Rain” Ivan Parker
3PM Vinyl Revival”Praise Live” Dallas Holm
4PM Album “Silver Anniversary Reunion” Parable
5:30PM Album “Hymns Sacred Songs” Leigh Nash
6:30PM Album ”Corridors” John Elefante
7:30PM Album “Home Free ”Wayne Watson
10:30 Song of the Week “A Place Called Heaven”
I hope that you will tune in! Listen by computer: http://www.ccmclassic.com/ccm-classic-radio-station.htm
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Or You Apple App at: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ccm-classic-radio/id966557285 PLEASE LIKE US AND SHARE US AND RATE OUR APP.
Remember that you can always check out the CCM Classic interviews on our Podcast Station at:
Also we have a few interviews on our youtube channel and some funny quotes from some of you
favorite CCM artists. Please check this out at:
I hope that you will tune in!
Listen by computer:
Many Blessings
Michael Lederer

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