CCM Classic Story, how we got started

his kids united

At last: now there's a way to share with our kids our great love for CCM Classic songs in their very own language! CCM Classic is partnering with His Kids United to bring you and your family a continuous supply of Contemporary Christian hits—both classic and new—in this exciting series featuring only young voices.

Teens & kids love it.

Kids listen to their peers more readily than they do adults. Teens, tweens and children alike can now enjoy the best of Contemporary Christian Music Hits—tailor-made for them. His Kids United exclusively features young voices belting out fresh, new mixes of today's most popular Contemporary Christian Music Hits.

Grown-ups love it.

What parent wouldn't want to invest in positive Contemporary Christian music for their child? Although His Kids United music focuses on kids ages 5 to 14, we're finding that young adults, and even parents enjoy listening to the music too!