Dallas Holm : then and now...

Dallas Holm, born November 5, 1948 in St. Paul Park, Minnesota is a singer-songwriter of Christian music, whose musical ministry has spanned almost four decades.  His influence has been greatest in Contemporary Christian music.

"Dallas has earned his influence in today's Christian music throughout more than 40 years of writing, singing and ministry in some 4,000 concerts."

The lines below are from the song, The Long Ride, and probably best describe the journey and ministry of Dallas Holm.

I started out livin' for Jesus many years ago.  He gave me His love and I gave Him my heart and my soul.   Some folks said that I'd never make it. But I guess that they must've been wrong cause He's still got control of my life and I'm still goin’ strong.

Many refer to this legendary Christian artist as a pioneer or forerunner.  Holm says, "I became a Christian in 1965 and my life was radically and eternally transformed.  My music became the means whereby I could express the dynamics of that transformation and share the reality of Christ with others.  Through God's grace, I’ve been part of the Christian music ministry for a long time."

Dallas has earned his influence in today's Christian music throughout more than 40 years of writing, singing and ministry in some 4,000 concerts in every state in the USA as well as many countries abroad.  His 38 recording have garnered gold records, multiple Dove awards, Grammy nominations, number one songs, and countless accolades. During his travels, Dallas also speaks and teaches what God has taught him in his journey.

Holm's creativity and diversity offer everything from inspirational to blues, from country to reggae.  Whatever the style, it all points to Christ and the Cross.  Songs like Rise Again, I Saw the Lord, Here We Are and Before Your Throne remind us that it's all about Jesus.  Holm's songs focus on His life, His death and resurrection and His desire for intimate relationship with us.

Artists such as Steven Curtis Chapman, Twila Paris and Greg Long of Avalon all make reference to Holm's significant impact on their lives and ministries.  Holm can be seen on several of the Bill Gaither Homecoming videos.  On one video Gaither introduces Dallas by saying, "This is one of the nicest guys in our entire industry."  This broad appeal and respect by peers has undoubtedly been one of the reasons for Holm's amazing longevity and relevance.

Dallas says, "One of the great blessings of being around this long is that now I hear nightly of how God has used this ministry to change lives through the years.  People come up and share how they were saved in a concert many years ago.  I receive letters from parents telling me their kids came to know Christ at a concert and I also receive letters from kids who say their parents received Christ at a concert.  We know of many in ministry both here and abroad who say that it was at a Dallas Holm concert where they felt the call to ministry.  These testimonies and many more are the great highlight and reward of our ministry."

Dallas married his wife, Linda, in 1969.  His family, his role as husband, father and grandfather, take precedence for Dallas.  "If I reached the whole world but lost my own family, I'd consider myself a failure.  Early on, I set a priority system that put God first, family second and ministry third.  If I'm not the husband and father I need to be in my own home, I have no right to proclaim truths of the Kingdom to others."

Dallas and Linda have two grown children, Jennifer and Jeffrey.  Jennifer and her husband Jason have three children: Jacob, Sophia and Alex.  Jeffrey and his wife Jennifer have been married for a couple years and will add to the grandchildren count when the time is right.

Holm says, "Now that our kids are grown, Linda and I can travel and minister together all the time.  Linda has a beautiful voice.  We have sung together on my records through the years, but now we get to sing together every night we're in concert.  We love where God has us in this season of our lives.  We still travel everywhere in the U.S. and occasionally abroad and minister in churches of varied denominations."

Dallas is quick to point out, "It's been a remarkable journey, yet is hasn't all been easy.  When people hear my music or see me on TV or in concert, they don't realize those are just moments in a life.  I've had struggles, heartaches, and disappointments just like everyone else.  Linda has fought an ongoing 24-year battle surviving cancer.  But Christ remains preeminent in all things.  No matter what has happened, what I'm going through now or what I may endure tomorrow, "nothing can separate me from the love of Christ."

Dallas grew up in Minnesota but says, "Like the bumper sticker I see on many a Texas vehicle, I wasn't born here but I got here as fast as I could.”

After Bible College and a short stint as youth pastor, Dallas joined David Wilkerson in his youth crusade ministry in 1970.  He traveled and ministered with Wilkerson for ten years.  During that time he formed Dallas Holm and Praise in 1976.  They became the first Contemporary Christian band to receive an RIAA certified Gold Album for Dallas Holm and Praise LIVE.  That album contained the song Rise Again.  They toured together for eleven years.

Now, after more than 40 years of ministry Holm says, "I love it more than ever and everyday consider the great privilege of being a co-laborer with Christ Jesus."

Albums Include: 1969 I Saw The Light 1970 Dallas Holm 1971 For Teens Only (Singcord Records[Zondervan]) 1971 Just the Way I Feel It (Now Sounds) 1972 Looking Back (Impact Records) 1973 Didn't He Shine 1974 Peace, Joy & Love (Impact Records) 1975 Nothing But Praise 1976 Dallas Holm—Just Right 1977 Dallas Holm & Praise...Live—Rise Again (Greentree Records)(RIAA Gold Certified) 1978 Tell 'Em Again (Greentree Records R3480) 1979 His Last Days (Greentree Records) 1979 All That Matters (Greentree Records R3558) 1980 Looking Back: The Very Best of Dallas Holm (Greentree Records) 1980 This is My Song (Greentree Records) 1981 Holm, Sheppard & Johnson (Greentree Records) 1981 I Saw the Lord (Greentree Records) 1983 Signal (Greentree Records) 1985 Classics (Greentree Records) 1985 Change The World (Dayspring) 1986 Praise and Worship (Greentree Records) 1987 Against the Wind (Dayspring) 1988 Beyond the Curtain (Dayspring) 1989 Soldiers Again; Holm Sheppard & Johnson (Dayspring) 1990 Through the Flame (Dayspring) 1991 The Early Works (Benson Records) 1992 Chain of Grace (Benson Records) 1993 Mesa; Mesa (Dallas Holm, Dana Key and Jerry Williams) 1993 Completely Taken In (Benson Records) 1994 Holm for Christmas (Ministry Music) 1995 Face of Mercy (Benson Records) 1999 Before Your Throne (Ministry Music) 2001 Signature Songs (Greentree) 2002 Foundations (Ministry Music) 2005 Good News Blues (Ross Records)

Awards Include: Dove Awards 1977 Song of the Year: "Rise Again" Songwriter of the Year Male Vocalist of the Year Mixed Group of the Year (Dallas Holm and Praise) 1979 Male Vocalist of the Year Pop/Contemporary Album: All That Matters (Dallas Holm and Praise) 1992 Inspirational Album of the Year: Generation 2 Generation (Benson artists and their families)

Grammy nominations 1987 Best Gospel Performance - Male: "Against the Wind" 2007 Inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame.