Farrell and Farrell : then and now...

Bob and Jayne Farrell met during high school in Lubbock, TX in 1967, and sang together from the very first.  Bob had a popular band that played in West Texas for fraternity parties and proms - Jayne would sing Grace Slick, Janis Joplin, and Aretha Franklin favorites - Bob would cover the songs of The Beatles, Steppenwolf, and many other late 60’s pop bands.

"It was during the ‘Jesus Movement’ of the early 70’s that the seeds of what would become Farrell & Farrell were sown. In 1977 ‘Farrell & Farrell’ first single “Earthmaker”, went to #1 on Christian radio."

For a brief period after high school Jayne was an airline stewardess for American Airlines based in Boston - Bob began college at Texas Tech University - both continued to perform.

The two were married in 1969 and moved to Houston, Bob attended and graduating from Univ. of Houston. During this time (1971) both became Christians and Bob began to write songs about his new faith walk with Christ.

It was during the ‘Jesus Movement’ of the early 70’s that the seeds of what would become Farrell & Farrell were sown.  The pair traveled and sang all over the U.S. as both solo artists and with their bands (One Man Band, Millennium and Dove).  They began recording albums which included, 'Millennium’, two solo albums by Jayne and an album with ‘Dove II’) ...other artists began recording Bob’s songs as well.

In 1977 the duo released the ‘Farrell & Farrell’ album...their first single “Earthmaker” went to #1 on Christian radio.  F&F continued to travel internationally until 1991, releasing eight albums which spawned many #1 songs - such as “People in a Box” and “Boundless Love”.  Their music has always enjoyed a very broad-demographic appeal - and it is a known fact that F&F introduced ‘techno’ into the Christian music genre with their ground-breaking 1983 album, ‘Choices’

Since ‘91 Bob has been writing songs for a long list of pop, Christian, and country artists, as well as penning songs for national ads, film, and tv.

Currently Bob continues to write music and does some touring as the show director of his compositions: Saviour, A Modern Oratorio; and HERO, The Rock Opera.  He is currently writing book manuscripts, and is about to launch a My Manifesto blog while self-publishing his books on Amazon.

Bob and Jayne have lived in Nashville since 1983 - they have two daughters and four grandsons.

BOB FARRELL - Since early 80’s Bob has written songs for numerous Christian and mainstream artists, including Eric Clapton, Michael W. Smith, Sandi Patty, Amy Grant, Wynnona, and dozens more. He has had multiple Dove & Grammy nominations, and garnered 7 Doves.  He continues as show director for touring of his compositions Saviour, A Modern Oratorio and HERO, The Rock Opera.  He is currently writing book manuscripts - he is about to launch a blog called My Manifesto, and is going to self-publish some new books on Amazon, including one on song craft and song biz.   Bob conducts seminars and consults with churches on songwriting (the book is an outgrowth of his seminar).

JAYNE FARRELL- Jayne's passion is to see young believers come to an understanding of who Jesus called us to be: personal witnesses and soul winners for our generation.  Revival is happening all over the world, but not in America.  Signs and wonders are being experienced in places where we used to send missionaries.  My heart is for our youth to once again become Salt and Light to their generation in these troubled times.  My desire is to speak to today's youth leadership/praise leadership, and challenge and encourage them to step into the roll and the calling of the Great the mandate of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ."

Albums Include:1982: Let the Whole World Know - Newpax 1984: Choices -Star Song Communications 1985:Jump to Conclusions - Star Song Communications 1986: Manifesto - EMI CMG / Star Song Communications 1989: Superpower - Word Distribution 1989: Jane Farrell--Newpax