Leon Patillo : then and now...

Leon Patillo, born January 1, 1947 in San Francisco, California, is an American Contemporary Christian singer and evangelist.

"Leon sees himself as an encourager, a vessel chosen to bring joy into the hearts of many people. His concerts are always filled with excitement, humor and inspirational teaching."

When Leon was singing with the Latin rock and roll group, Santana, he would look out into the vast crowds of nameless, faceless people filling the auditorium—some coming just to party, some to be entertained, and some because it was the concert to attend.  But some, Leon felt, were coming with heavy hearts, questioning their lives and searching for answers.  At the height of his pop career with Santana, Leon left the group with a burning desire to satisfy those hungering hearts with music that would make a difference in their lives.

Leon sees himself as an encourager—a vessel chosen to bring joy into the hearts of many people.  His concerts are always filled with excitement, humor and inspirational teaching. He crosses all age groups and ethnic boundaries, and is a total performer who can sing, dance and motivate.

For many years, he has used his voice, motivating gifts and music for concerts, radio and TV hosting, and has had amazing success and visibility, with Gold and platinum albums.

Leon’s first musical endeavor was with the group Creation, later called Leon’s Creation.  It was a funk group similar in style and composition to Sly & the Family Stone; they were signed to Atlantic Records.  Aside from Creation, Leon worked at times with Funkadelic, and Martha and The Vandellas.

After leaving Santana, he launched a solo career with Word Records and became a one man band where he put together a dazzling, computerized show.  He released a string of successful albums and performed in different arenas and coliseums all over the world and had his own television show on TBN called Leon and Friends.

From 1999-2012, Leon traveled with the Get Motivated Seminars where he performed on stage with such personalities as Zig Ziglar, Mayor Giuliani, Laura Bush, Colin Powell, Bill Cosby, and other notable speakers.

He is also doing his own concerts and speaking engagements at different churches, festivals, special functions, fund raisers, and conferences.

Along with his music is a special message called, You Can Begin Again - a powerful reminder that helps people to have a new starting point for their lives and relationships, giving them hope and encouragement for the future.

Leon recently started a youth foundation called S.I.N.G. – Sowing Into Next Generation, whose goal is to bring positive inspiration to a mostly negatively influenced generation.  His first project was a youth concert focused on the harmful effects of bullying and called it RISE ABOVE!  His next project was a contest to find talented kids in the city and mentor them to become positive role models for others.  He is currently working on an inspirational CD which will feature the winners of the contest.

S.I.N.G. also did a fundraiser for the victims of Hurricane Sandy and had 60 young performers from different vocal, dance and acting schools to donate their time.  Then he wrote a song for the victims of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School called Higher Purpose.

Albums Include:  Dance Children Dance (1979)  Don't Give In (1981)  I'll Never Stop Lovin' You (1982)   Live Experience (1983)  U.S. Top Contemporary Christian albums No. 10  Sky's the Limit (1984)  U.S. Christian No. 5 Love Around the World (1985)  U.S. Christian No. 7 A Funny Thing Happened (1986)  Brand New (1987)  U.S. Christian No. 8 On the Way Up (1989) Christmas with Leon (1992)   Hands of Praise (1992)   Church Is on the Move (1993)  The Classics (1996)   I Can (1999)  Souly for Him (2002)   Breathe on Me (2005)   Live Experience 2 (2005)