Scott Wesley Brown : then and now...

Scott Wesley Brown, born June 4, 1952, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is an American CCM singer and songwriter.

"Brown recorded for Sparrow Records for much of his career, recording 24 albums; his songs have been covered by Petra, Pat Boone, Bruce Carroll, Sandi Patty, Amy Grant, and others."

Brown recorded for Sparrow Records for much of his career, recording 24 albums; his songs have been covered by Petra, Pat Boone, Bruce Carroll, Sandi Patty, Amy Grant, and others. Brown has also worked with organizations such as Promise Keepers and Campus Crusade for Christ, and was a worship pastor in San Diego.

He toured extensively internationally. Before recording songs and touring with dozens of artists, he met a young, unfamiliar artist, Steve Camp, fresh out of high school, who would also sing backup while playing acoustic guitar with Brown on "I'm Not Religious, I Love the Lord", just the year before going on his own, where he had a successful solo career.

Scott Wesley Brown has worked closely with the US. Center for World Mission, ACMC (Advancing Churches in Missions Commitment) and teaches many worship and mission seminars in addition to maintaining an active concert schedule. Scott presently lives and serves as a Pastor in Burbank, CA. He received his ordination from the Southern Baptist convention in 1998 yet has continued his seminary education through Phoenix and Westminster Seminaries.

In the early part of this decade Brown teamed up with Billy Smiley of the popular Christian rock band Whiteheart to produce a series of albums of contemporary hymn arrangements. Hymns, The Old Made New was released in 2006. Scott's latest CD is Songs from the Valley released in 2011.

Scott's Journey to Becoming a Musician My first attraction to music was my grandmother’s piano. It was one of those old Sunday guitar_in_airschool uprights and barely in tune. But to me it was the door that opened up into a world of endless possibilities, especially for a three year old.

As a sought after keynote speaker Bonnie blends music with her message and nothing brings her more joy than allowing her story to bring healing. 

I received my first guitar for my seventh birthday and despite the fact that I had no idea of how to tune it, I spent hours making up songs. But the real epiphany came in sixth grade.

I was failing English grammar and my teacher was concerned that I just couldn’t catch on. But then we launched into studying poetry. Our assignment was to write a poem, which I accepted with great enthusiasm. I went home that night with one single mission: to write a great poem!

The next morning I arrived at school so excited to turn my poem in to the teacher and my heart leapt as she selected mine to read to the whole class. Before I caught the bus home Mrs. Brewer asked me to write another poem and to bring it back the following day, which I continued to do until the last day of school that year. Each afternoon she would sit down with me and read through my poems helping me steer through the grammar, the tense and the flow.

By the end of my sixth grade year I was starting to add music to those poems and thus a career was born. My first band, The Surfers, was formed. Remember, The Beach Boys were one of the top groups then. Well, all musical journeys need to start somewhere!

Little did I know in the sixth grade that I would end up in LA and Nashville recording songs I’d written! Little did I know that I would discover what it meant to follow Jesus! But the Lord captured my heart, and my music, and has taken me on a journey around the world to over fifty countries and every state in America.

Being a part of the early days of contemporary Christian music or “Jesus Music” as we called it in the 70’s was as exciting as blazing the new frontiers of the wild west!

This was radical music for its time and just to see a drum set in a church sanctuary was a marvel unto itself!

Times have certainly changed since the days when Larry Norman cried out, “Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music?” Hundreds and hundreds of music and worship CDs by so many talented Christian musicians have proven that the music of the Kingdom marches on with each generation as they express their adoration of our Redeemer.

My songs are all a part of my journey. I once said that they are my confessions. They are also my profession: a profession of faith in the excellency of God! To declare the supremacy of Christ through music, worship and mission is the heart of all I do and all I sing. Soli Deo Gloria!

PS:And by the way, I got to meet The Beach Boys!

Discography Scott Wesley Brown Released: 1974 Label:GeorgetownI Am a Christian Released: 1976 Label: NewpaxI'm Not Religious, I Just Love the Lord Released: 1977 Label: SparrowSongs and Stories Released: 1978 Label: Seven LocksOne Step Closer Released: 1979 Label: SparrowSWB Released: 1981 Label: Sparrow Tracks: "Close to You", "My Treasure", "Out on a Limb", "Learning to Live Like Jesus", "Someone's Got a Hold on Me", "This Little Child", "Your Word", "Fall on Me", "Keep the Son in Your Eyes", "The Lord's Prayer"Signature Released: 1982 Label: SparrowAll My Best Released: 1984 Label: SparrowKingdom of Love Released: 1984 Label: SparrowSomebody's Brother Released: 1985 Label: SparrowThe Language of Jesus is Love Released: 1987 Label: SparrowTo the Ends of the Earth Released: 1988All My Best / The Language of Jesus is Love Released: 1988 Label: SparrowLiving in the Comfort Zone Released: 1990The Passionate Pursuit Released: 1991Through the Years Released: 1993The Scott Wesley Brown Collection: A Library of 35 Favorite Songs Released: 1995 Label: SparrowMission of Praise Released: 1995 Label: Integrity/Hosanna! Music/SparrowMore Like You Released: 1998Out of Africa Released: 1998A Heart For You: A Worship Collection Released: 2003Let the Nations Rejoice Released: 2004