Cheri Keaggy, Both Hands Foundation and Pure Religion

Cheri Keaggy, Both Hands Foundation and Pure Religion

We thought we spotted a familiar face recently in a YouTube video about a home improvement project. After looking a little more closely - yep, there she was - at a minute and forty-two seconds in, wearing a bandana, overalls and a giant smile: Cheri Keaggy.

On this day, Cheri was not an award-winning artist, songwriter or keynote speaker, but a hard-working member of the painting team serving local widow Mary Brown, while at the same time raising funds for orphan adoption. How refreshing to see that Cheri not only ministers from a stage but also from the corner of a widow’s yard with a paint brush in her hand.

The event was sponsored by the Both Hands Foundation. The materials used were donated by local businesses. Volunteers gave their time to repair and improve Mary Brown’s home. Those same volunteers were sponsored by friends and family, with the proceeds going toward the adoption expenses of a local

James 1:27 calls looking after the widows and the orphans in their distress “pure religion.” How nice to see this organization and one of our favorite CCM artists finding a way to do both those things at the same time.  

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