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Biden and his Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, have declared themselves more powerful than the Constitution and Congress, unilaterally forgiving half a TRILLION dollars of student debt under the pretext of a “COVID-19 national emergency.” Even though the national emergency is now officially over, the policy continues! They remain intent on buying off voters with our hard-earned dollars. The government literally cannot pay its own debt, yet Biden is usurping Congress’ authority and violating the Constitution with a sweeping and arbitrary action that violates our liberty.

Another week is quickly coming to an end. This has been a fun week of music.  I hope that you have taken the time to tune in to CCM Classic Radio and enjoy the blend of music that we bring you.

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Here Is The Schedule for Friday, May 26

6:30AM Album "The Warrior Is A Child" Twila Paris

8AM Album "Rock Solid_ Absolutely Alive" DeGarmo & Key (NEW)

9AM Album "Beauty For Ashes" Crystal Lewis (NEW)

10AM Album "Spread' Like Wildfire" The Archers

11AM Album "Candle In The Rain" David Meece (NEW)

12PM Album "New Way To Be Human" Switchfoot

1PM - Album "Transform" Rebecca St. James

2:15PM Album "Victims of The Age" Mark Heard

3PM Album "Out Of The Grey" Diamond Days

4PM Album "Midnight Sun" Rick Cua

5:30PM Album "That Is What We Believe" Aaron Shust

6:30PM Album "Who We Are Instead" Jars of Clay

8PM Album "Rock Solid_ Absolutely Alive" DeGarmo & Key (NEW)

9:30PM Album "Beauty For Ashes" Crystal Lewis (NEW)

11PM Album "Candle In The Rain" David Meece (NEW)


I hope that you will tune in!

Many Blessings
Michael Lederer

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