Yes! It Is Time For "Gospel Monday" Be Sure To TUNE IN!!!!!!!

Greetings All and Welcome To "Gospel Monday"!!!

Tomorrow is going to be a special day as I am playing three different Vinyl Albums that have been digitized with all the pops and cracks. Each album is set up by yours truly. The three albums are "Thanks" by The Nelons, "Gospel Express" by The Oakridge Boys and "It Was His Love" by Cynthia Clawson.

These albums will be played during the day and in the evening. so, you will have two chances to listen.

Of course, we have a great selection of other albums as well, so sit back and enjoy "Gospel Monday'!!!

Here it Is!!!

8AM - Album / "The Best of Guy Penrod"

9:15 AM - Vinyl Revival / "Thanks"- The Nelons

10AM - Album / " Classics" Bill Gaither Trio

11:30AM - Album / "Masters of Gospel" - The Cathedrals

12:30 PM - Vinyl Revival / "Gospel Express"- The Oakridge Boys

1:15 PM - Album / "We Are Persuaded" - Bill Gaither Trio

2:15 PM - Vinyl Revival / "It Was Love"- Cynthia Clawson

3PM - Album / "Anthology" - Gold Express

5:00 PM - Album / "Masters of Gospel" - Heaven Bound

6:00 PM - Album / "Homecoming" - Gaither Vocal band

7:00 PM - Vinyl Revival / "Thanks"- The Nelons

7:45AM - Album / "Masters of Gospel" - The Kingsmen

8:15 PM - Vinyl Revival / "Gospel Express"- The Oakridge Boys

9AM - Album / "Firmly Committed" The Specks

9:45AM - Vinyl Revival / "It was Love"- Cynthia Clawson

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I hope that you will tune in!

Many Blessings
Michael Lederer

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