A Great Christmas Southern Gospel Monday To TUNE INTO On CCM Classic Radio!!

Greetings Friends,I hope that you have been enjoying the holiday season. There are so many wonderful Christmas concerts and special performances throughout the country. You know, CHRISTmas is truly CHRISTmas when we celebrate the birth of Jesus by giving His love to those in need of it!!

Well, Gospel Monday is here once again and we have really developed a great listening audience for this special music. Philip selected some great SG Chritmas music that we continue to bring you each Monday through Christmas.I hope that you are tuning in.

Monday's Schedule:

2AM Christmas Album “CCM Classic Christmas Playlist” Various Artists

4AM Christmas Album “Christmas Card” The Forester Sisters

5:30AM Christmas Album “Songs of Christmas” The Imperials

7AM Christmas Album “The Spirit of Christmas” Phil Driscol

8AM Christmas Album “Hinson Christmas"

9:30AM Christmas Album “Christmas With Brian Free & Assurance"

10:30AM Christmas Album “Christmas Portrait" Carpenters

12PM Christmas Album “Rambo McGuire Family Christmas"

1PM Christmas Album “Still The Greatest Story Ever Told" Gaither Vocal Band

2PM Christmas Album “Another Sentimental Christmas" Russ Taff

3PM Christmas Album “It feels Like Christmas Again" Jeff & Sheri Easter

3:45PM Christmas Album “Songs of Christmas” The Imperials

5PM Christmas Album “CCM Classic Christmas Playlist” Various Artists

9:30PM Christmas Album “A Cathedral Christmas Acapella" The Cathedrals

10:30PM Christmas Album “Voices of Christmas" Gold City


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I hope that you will tune in!

Many Blessings
Michael Lederer

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