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Music News: Sometime in the next four weeks I will be highlighting one or two Christian Vinyl Record every few days. I will be posting it here and on FB Live. You will be able to purchase these albums with a suggested donation to CCM Classic. This will be a win/win. You will have an opportunity to own some GREAT ALBUMS and CCM Classic will be able to survive another year. The CCM Classic Store will be up and running shortly. These transactions will be done effortlessly.

From Jay Sekulow_ What If This Was Your Family???  Hamas terrorists abducted and took hundreds of innocent Israelis hostage – ripping them from their families and their lives over a month ago. Many have already been slaughtered in unthinkable ways. The barbarity is unfathomable. The families of these hostages are in unimaginable pain. Yet Hamas' evil is being celebrated across the world. Evil prevails when good does not intervene. It is our sacred duty to act.

TODAY, we are announcing a massive new effort – legally representing families of the hostages. Jordan and I have spent the last two days on Capitol Hill meeting with the hostages' families, the Speaker of the House, and Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle.  Now as we expand our efforts to free the hostages, represent their families, and defend Israel, we are preparing to go to the United Nations.

The number of hostage families we are representing is growing quickly. This is going to be a massive global campaign – at the EU, before the U.N., and through our office in Jerusalem.

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Now To The Music! We will be highlighting Farrell & Farrell Tomorrow!

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Here Is The Schedule for Thursday, November 9

7:30AM Album “Heartsongs” Kathy Troccoli

8:30AM Album “Make Me Ready" Farrell & Farrell

9:30AM Album “Parable Silver Anniversary Reunion"

11:30AM Album “Drastic Measures" Kansas

12:30PM Album "Let The Whole World Know" Farrell & Farrell

1:30PM Album “Time" Third Day

3PM Album “Superpower" Farrell & Farrell

4PM Album “CCM Classic's Best of Chuck Girard"

5PM Album “Portfolio" Kathy Troccoli

6PM Album “Welcome Back" LoveSong

7:30PM Album “The Very Best of NewSong"

9PM Album "Give Him Your Blues" Darrell Mansfield

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