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Once again we are moving into mid-week , Wednesday November 18, only days away from Thanksgiving. A time of reflection as to what you are grateful for. We all know that it has been a tough 2020, but is it not good to know that He has it all in His hands. When things make no sence to us, The Potter is busy at work; so if for nothing else, be thankful for this and know that you are special!!

It is going to be a great day of shows and music. Remember that all of the CCM Classic Shows are loaded with music, so you get a Great experience and with this being said, we go from the 70s with Evie Tornquist to the 80s with Sandi Patty, moving into the 90s with Cheri Keaggy and then the 2000s with Jenny & Tyler. You will get to experience the evolution of music through the decades, What is great is that the message always remains the same.

Then I have a couple of never played albums programmed, Margaret Becker “Falling Forward, Leigh Nash, lead singer of Sixpence Non The Richer with “Hymns Sacred Songs” and Amy Morris “The Sound of Your Voice”. Then you will enjoy some Bryan Duncan.

Here is a little about Amy Morris.

In 1995, Amy soulfully blew on to the Christian Music scene, establishing herself as one of the most skillful and creative vocalists in the R&B/Pop Genre with her debut release, I'm a Believer. The single of the same name went straight to the number one position on the Adult Contemporary Chart; as well as another number one song, Devotion. This southern songstress captured the attention of thousands with her debut, largely due to her smooth vocal style and powerful music.

I would appreciate feedback from you; It would be good to know that my programming is hitting the mark. A you can see and hear, I am working hard to give diversity. Old school radio did this and it is one of the things that I miss from todays radio stations.

Vinyl Revival this week is “Thanks” by The Nelons. You can read ths history of this great family at-- is a reprint from Southern Gospel

The Song of The Week is “I Believe” by Zoe Girl, I chose this song because it is so simple and uplifting. We need to be uplifted with all that has been going on! Do I hear an Amen! You can find the lyrics at--

I hope that you will tune in!

Listen by computer:

So Here is The Schedule:

5AM Song of The Week “I Believe” Zoe Girl

7AM Evie Tornquist Show

8AM Sandi Patty Show

9AM Cheri Kaeggy Show 1

10AM Cheri Keaggy Show 2

11AM Jenny & Tyler Show

12PM Vinyl Revival “Thanks” The Nelons

12:45PM Song of The Week “I Believe” Zoe Girl

1PM Album “Falling Forward” Margaret Becker

2PM Album “Within The Sound of Your Voice” Amy Morris

3:30PM Album “Hymns Sacred Songs” Leigh Nash

5PM Album “Love Takes Time” Bryan Duncan

6:45PM Song of The Week “I Believe” Zoe Girl

7PMPM Vinyl Revival “Thanks” The Nelons

I hope that you will tune in! Listen by computer:



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Also we have a few interviews on our youtube channel and some funny quotes from some of you

favorite CCM artists. Please check this out at:

I hope that you will tune in!

Listen by computer:

Many Blessings

Michael Lederer

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