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I Need To Vet Before We Get To The Music: For the last few days, I sit in bewilderment; I just keep saying to myself, "How Can So Many People In This Country Be So Blind." China and Russia continue to have meetings and are becoming allies even though they are not friends and are envious of one another. India is meeting with China and adopting their currency. Trump had a great relationship with India and that is no longer under the Biden administration. Iran is in bed with Russia and China. All of these countries has one goal; to take the US down. Meanwhile, half the folks of the US continue to support this current administration. Christianity and conservatives are on the attack and the liberals are working timelessly to take away out 1st and 2nd constitutional rights.

My frustration level is in the danger zone and all I can come up with is that, these folks are being controlled by demonic forces which have nothing but darkness in their path and their goal is to destroy "The Light." As hard as it is to bite on, I keep holding on because I know who wins this war in the end; "JESUS." He gave Satan power over the earth and when I think about it in this context, I understand but that is no reason not to "Fight Against These Dark Forces and to PRAY Without Ceasing."

You may ask what this has to do with Music and what I have to say to you is that the rights to play this music will disappear if all the church body does is bury their heads in the sand.
With this being said, here we go with tomorrow's great list of music:

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Here Is The Schedule for Thursday, April 6

6:30AM Album “There Is A Light" Todd Smith

8AM Album “Can't Stop The Rock" Stryper

9:15AM Album "Without Condition" Ginny Owens

10:30AM Album "Revival" Petra

11:45AM Album “Beautiful Name" Point of Grace

1PM Album “Superpower" Farrell & Farrell

2PM Album “Bringin' It Home-Live From Cincinnati" Nicole C Mullen

3:30PM Album “WhiteHeart Greatest Hits”

5PM Album “Lead Me On 20th Anniversary Disc 1” Amy Grant

6PM Album “Lead Me On 20th Anniversary Disc 2” Amy Grant

7:30PM Album “Wow 2003" Various Artists

10:30PM Album "Give Him Your Blues" Darrell Mansfield


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I hope that you will tune in!

Many Blessings
Michael Lederer

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