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Greetings Friends!

I was just sharing with my wife this morning how awesome it is to see so many of the Classic CCM Artits putting out new product and touring once again.
When CCM Classic was formed in 2010 there was very little happening with the Classic Artists. Our mission was to shine light on this amazing music and folks of an era that deserved not to be forgotten.

Almost 12 years later, I would say mission accomplished! There is so much movement in online music, podcasts and as I just stated, new music and concerts that are being well attended.

I have been seriously thinking that maybe its time for CCM Classic to close this chapter. I personally have many music projects that I have put off for many years and feeling it's time to get with the program.

I would be happy to hand the reigns over to the right person and if that person is you, private message me and let's talk.

Always remember that in between the programs we are in a shuffle mode with over 5000 songs in the mix. There has to be something for everyone in a mix like this.

Did you know that if you have Bluetooth in your car, you can tune into CCM Classic Radio?

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Have you joined the CCM Classic Group? If not, why?

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Here Is The Schedule for Thursday, September 1:

6:30AM Album “Stand Your Ground" Two Hearts

7:30AM Album "Even This" Wayne Watson

8:30AM Album "Innocent Blood" Rez

9:30AM Album "Bring'n It Home"- Live From Cincinnati" Nicole C. Mullen

11AM Album "Nothing But The Best-Rock Classics" WhiteHeart

12:30PM Album "Beautiful Name" Point of Grace

1:30PM Album “Arise My Love-The Very Best of NewSong"

3PM Album “Genesis" Joy Williams

4PM Album “River Rising" Janny Grein

5PM Album “How Can It Be" Lauren Daigle

6PM Album “Lines Are Falling" September

7PM Album “Slow Revival" Bryan Duncan

8PM Album “WOW 2000" Various Artists


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I hope that you will tune in!

Many Blessings
Michael Lederer

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