Welcome To Tuesday, Another Great Day of Music on CCM Classic Radio: TUNE IN!!!

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I hope that you have been enjoying "Gospel Monday" we are just beginning to add Christmas music. The Christmas countdown is about to begin; we will continue adding new music and specialty shows each day. Please spread the word by sharing!!!!

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Also, CCM Classic is about to start bringing Vinyl Records and Cd's to you. We will give you a donation amount for each product and they will be able to be purchased through a new CCM Classic store that will be accessible from the website. This is all about to take place and I will be talking about each specialty product on Face Book live. I am really excited bout this new endeavor. This will be a great way for you to help support CCM Classic which is a501c3 non profit ministry.

Tuesday's Schedule:

5:30AM Album “Arriving” Chris Tomlin

7AM Album “La Vie” Billy Sprague

8:30AM Album “Anybody Out There” Burlap To Cashmere

9:30AM Album “Love Takes Time” Bryan Duncan

11AM Album “Behind The Eyes, 25th Anniversary” Amy Grant

1:30PM Album “Bloom” Audio Adrenaline

2:30PM Album “After The Rain” Aaron Jeoffrey

3:30PM Album “Oxygen” Avalon

5PM Album “Bebo Norman” Self-Titled

6PM Album “The Way The River Runs” Brush Arbor

7PM Album “Evidence of Love” Bonnie Keen

8:30PM Album “Crystal Lewis Greatest Hits”


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Many Blessings

Michael Lederer

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