We Are Entering Into Another Great Day Because of CCM Classic Radio! Are You Listening?

Greetings Friends,

There are people throughout this globe who have never had the opportunities that you and I have.
This is why I am connected with Love Packages. 

”This year their goal is to ship over $2,000 tons of Christian literature worldwide. Please go to the CCM classic Homepage and read more about this.

There you can see how to get involved. There is really nothing to it; just gather up all those old bibles and Christian literature collecting dust and send it to “Love Packages.”

Once again, all that information is on the CCM Classic Homepage. Make sure to watch the very short video from founder Steve Schmidt.

I was just listening to some of the Christmas Shows that we will be airing, They were created in past years and certain things that artists talk about, like working in the streets of Nashville with the homeless are not areas that we are currently involved in since Covid. However, we are still helping those who were once homeless with their current needs. The work never stops!

Also, CCM Classic is about to start bringing Vinyl Records and Cd's to you. We will give you a donation amount for each product and they will be able to be purchased through a new CCM Classic store that will be accessible from the website. This is all about to take place and I will be talking about each specialty product on Face Book live. I am really excited bout this new endeavor. This will be a great way for you to help support CCM Classic which is a501c3 non profit ministry.

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Here Is The Schedule for Tuesday, November 29

5AM Album “Wow 1997" Various Artists

7:30AM Album “Resonance" SonicFlood

9AM Album "United We Stand / Divided We Fall" Benny Hester

10AM Album “truth, soul, rock & roll" The Elms

11:15AM Album “Blue Skies" Bryan Duncan

1PM Album “Colors of Your Love" The Archers

2PM Album “How Can It Be" Lauren Daigle

3PM Album “Sounds of Heaven” Kathy Troccoli

4:30PM Album “Back To The Rock ll " CPR Band

5:30PM Album “I Just Call On You" David Meece

7PM Album “Spirit Mover" Connie Scott

8:30PM Album “Press On" Selah

Or You Apple App at: 


I hope that you will tune in!

Many Blessings

Michael Lederer

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