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Hello and Welcome to Gospel Monday, Korean Translation 안녕하세요 복음 월요일에 오신 것을 환영합니다 annyeonghaseyo bog-eum wol-yoil-e osin geos-eul hwan-yeonghabnida Well, I once again hope that you had a very nice, relaxing weekend. It is another Gospel Monday, November 9, and I am curious if you are enjoying this. You must remember that Gospel is the roots of CCM music. When speaking of Classic’s, Gospel really needs to be included. On another note I am curious if you are tuning in on Sundays for the new format of all types of family friendly music. Back to Monday November 9th. This week I decided to add Hymsn into the mix as so much of the Hymns are incorporated into Southern Gospel. So we go from some uplifting Ivan Parker to a little Elvis and then some BeBe & CeCe Winans moving into Hymns by 2nd Chapter of Acts. Then into a 90 minutes Gaither Classic to Worship Songs by Guy Penrod and finishing the days playlist with Amy Grant’s Legacy Hymns. Now this is a Great day of music and I all need you to do in tune in and share this with friends. This weeks Vinyl Revival is Tim Sheppard’s album “Forever”. This 10 track Vinyl was released in 1981 by Greentree Records. I am sure that you will recognize many of the folks below that contributed to this project. Backing Vocals – Bergen White, Kim Peery,Phil Johnson (3), Sherman Andrus, Terry Blackwood,The Pasadena Boys Choir Tim Sheppard Bass – Dave Coy , Joe Osborn, Tim Jacquette Drums – Bill Dragoo, John Raines , Larrie Londin Engineer – Bob Clark, Brent King, John Mayfield , Ken Suesov, Phil Johnson , Russ Braetcher/artist/2956042-Russ- , Smitty Price, Warren Peterson Guitar – Hadley Hockensmith, Jon Goin, Randy Butler Keyboards – Lari Goss, Smitty Price, Tim Sheppard Mastered By – Hank Williams Percussion – Farrell Morris Producer – Phil Johnson Remix – Brent King , Ken Suesov, Warren Peterson Synthesizer – Shane Keister , Smitty Price Written-By – Tim Sheppard The blog post is a great biography from lastfm-- and an introduction by Philip Mayabb: Here is the link to Blog Post: This weeks “Song of The Week” is “He’s My Son” by Mark Schultz Go to to check out the Lyrics which says it all. Mark Schultz wrote this song about a family dealing with their son's cancer when he was a youth minister at a church in Nashville, Tennessee. It was inspired by the grieving of a couple in his church, whose son had been diagnosed with leukemia. Shultz observed the struggles of the mother and father. He explained in CCM Top 100 Greatest Songs In Christian Music: Louise often stayed up with (Martin) until he fell asleep. She would rub his back and try to comfort him, but she felt helpless. Some nights, John would wake up and walk down the hall to Martin's room and watch him sleep. As he stood there, he would try to imagine what life would be like without his son. Here Is The Program Schedule: 6AM Vinyl Revival “Freedom” Tim Sheppard 7AM Album “Joy Ride Ivan Parker 9AM AlbumHe Touched Me Elvis Presley 10:30AM AlbumHeaven BeBe & CeCe Winans 12PM Album “Hymns 2nd Chapter of Acts 3PM Album Classics” Bill Gaither Trio 6PM Album Worship Guy Penrod 7:30PM Album Legacy: Hymns & Faith Amy Grant I hope that you will tune in! Listen by computer: Or GET Your FREE ANDROID APP at: Or You Apple App at: PLEASE LIKE US AND SHARE US AND RATE OUR APP. Remember that you can always check out the CCM Classic interviews on our Podcast Station at: Also we have a few interviews on our youtube channel and some funny quotes from some of you favorite CCM artists. Please check this out at: Be Blessed Michael Lederer

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