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Good evening everybody, this is Philip Mayabb once again, and I'm filling in for Michael this week, he has some very important personal business to tend to, so he has asked me to pinch hit for a few days, and I was more than happy to do so. I hope that all of you have had a wonderful Memorial Day, and I also hope that you have had the opportunity to tell a veteran that you appreciate their service to our great nation.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, and we have a great lineup of music waiting for your ears to enjoy. Vinyl Revival this week is an album that I was so happy to add to my personal record collection just last week, and I asked Michael if we could share it with you on VR, and he said yes, so we are playing a VERY important album in the annals of Christian music. There are few artists in the history of CCM that can match The Imperials, plain and simple. The list of personnel from this group's 57 year history reads like a who's-who of both Southern Gospel and Contemporary Christian Music. The group's storied history began with the 1964 eponymous album "Jake Hess & The Imperials," and that just happens to be the album we are featuring on Vinyl Revival this week. If you are a Christian music historian, or just love some of the early music, you will enjoy this album. The Imperials were originally intended to be a gospel music supergroup, and I think you will agree that they hit the mark once you hear this recording. Original members Jake Hess (The Statesmen), Armond Morales (The Weatherfords), Gary McSpadden (Oak Ridge Boys), Sherrill Nielsen (The Speer Family) and Henry Slaughter (The Weatherfords) created one of the most unique sounds in the history of Christian music, and over the rest of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, that sound became one of the most popular in all Christian music genres. In short, this GMA Hall Of Fame group's trail was blazed by this album, and I hope you are able to catch it at some time this is truly a piece of Christian music history.

Tomorrow will also feature more favorites during the broadcast day, artists like David Meece, Sandi Patti, Dan Peek, and others. We are also pleased to announce that three albums and one artist will make their CCM Classic debut tomorrow. We will be playing NewSong's "One Heart At A Time," along with Randy Stonehill's "Until We Have Wings" CDs for the very first time on Tuesday. Even more exciting is that Big Daddy Weave will make their debut appearance on our airwaves with their 2012 album "Love Come To Life" as well. As you already know by now, we LOVE to debut new artists and albums on CCM Classic, and we do so as often as we possibly can, so we invite to check out the new music debuting on Tuesday.

Now then, it's time for my favorite part of this visit, which is the complete on air schedule for tomorrow. Here is the complete musical docket we have lined up as we all head back to work (all times are US Central Standard)...

7:00 AM - Album / 7 - David Meece

8:30 AM - Album / Love Come To Life - Big Daddy Weave

9:30 AM - Vinyl Revival / Jake Hess & The Imperials - Jake Hess & The Imperials

10:30 AM - Album / Until We Have Wings - Randy Stonehill

12:00 PM - Album / Le Voyage - Sandi Patti

1:30 PM - Album / One Heart At A Time - NewSong

3:00 PM - Album / Flying Lessons - Annie Herring

4:30 PM - Album / All Things Are Possible - Dan Peek

6:00 PM - Album / Light Maneuvers - Servant

7:00 PM - Vinyl Revival / Jake Hess & The Imperials - Jake Hess & The Imperials

We again hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day, and now as summer is beginning to get into gear, we are playing the music to make the season as hot as can be. We want to invite you to join us for some historic and memorable tunes and artists starting tomorrow, from the station that keeps summer blazing, CCM Classic.

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