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Please read below and I must say that it is very interesting that the Pride Movement can do whatever they want with the support of our current administration but Christians are being reprimanded because of their faith. We are on a very slippery dangerous slope:

Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is rejecting requests from a liberal group to remove the drawing of a cross outside the governor's mansion, asserting that the depiction is constitutional and also an expression of her family's faith. The back-and-forth began on June 26, when Sanders, a Republican, posted a photo on social media of a chalk drawing made by her children on the pavement at the entrance of her governor's residence. The colorful chalk drawing resembled a stained-glass window with a cross at the center. "New artwork to welcome people into the Governor's mansion!" Sanders wrote. "So proud of how hard the kids worked and how well their masterpiece turned out!" "The religious display at the entrance to the Arkansas Governor's Mansion violates the Establishment Clause because it sends a message that the Governor's office – and by extension, the state of Arkansas – favors one religion over others," Americans United said. "Such favoritism is unconstitutional."

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So, without any further ado, here is who you will be hearing tomorrow on the airwaves of CCM Classic (all times are US Central Standard)

6AM Album “Lift Up His Name" Tommy Coomes Praise Band

7:30AM Album “Cutting Edge" Sweet Comfort Band

8:30AM Album "Sincerely Yours" Gary Chapman

9:30AM Album "Double Take" Petra

10:30AM Album "Joyride" Bryan Duncan

11:30AM Album "Push Back The Darkness" Harry Browning & Laury Boone

12:30PM Album "Midnight Sun" Rick Cua

1:30PM CCM Classic All 90s Music Show 16

2:30PM Album “Undone" MercyMe

4PM Album “Walk On" Bruce Carroll

5PM Album “Supernatural" DC Talk

6:30PM Album "Fun In The Sun" Isaac Air Freight

7:30PM Album "Nothing But The Rock Classics" WhiteHeart

9PM Album "More Beautiful You" Jonny Diaz

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