Lyrics With Velcro by Alan Scott

Recently, recording artist, Gloria Estefan was recognized at the Kennedy Honors event with well deserved accolades.  That night another artist hit the stage to honor her with “Rhythm Is Gonna Get Ya,” one of Gloria’s mega hits from 1987.  You’re already hearing it in your head, right?  Yeah, me too.

One of the gifts of classic CCM hits are the life changing lyrics stamped all over the measures of music.  Much like the classic hymns from our rich Christian heritage, the words are finely crafted, cleverly etched and well thought out to enrich the faith journey.  Have you noticed how you can begin to sing along with a cut from Twila Paris, Petra or Russ Taff the moment the vocal post begins in the recording?  Songwriters in the CCM industry in those earlier years took great care and effort to deliver lyrics everlasting.  It is my personal belief that “Awesome God” is not only performed in heaven, but I firmly believe Rich Mullins is conducting it.  If I entered the gates of the Lord today, I fully expect hearing “Oh Lord You’re Beautiful” with Keith Green at the piano and an angelic choir as back-up.

I would say, let the lyrics get ya.

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