Your CCM Memory by Alan Scott

Somewhere, somehow you were introduced to CCM through radio, church, a friend, family member or right here at CCM Classic.  We’ve learned that CCM Classic is enjoyed by various ages and backgrounds.  Really, it’s no surprise.  Yet, your CCM story is unique.

Before my years in Christian radio, I loved the CCM movement and the records being produced.  In fact, the shear make-up of CCM is based on the correct premise that you and I are modern-day music consumers.  Basically, that means you enjoy listening to the radio, turning up the current hit songs of the day.  You sing along in the car, on the laptop or in the shower, singing duos with your favorite artists.  For about fifty years now, CCM, with brilliant intention, brought to your ears modern productions of hit worthy songs with relevant and competitively well-produced vocals, well-written chords, and well-crafted styles of current cultural persuasions.  The difference is in the lyrics, birthed out of the spiritual renewal only Jesus Christ offers.  You heard it, you related to it and you were strengthened by it on a deep level of soul, spirit and mind.

Case in point: For me it was around 1975 when I obtained an album by Andre’ Crouch & The Disciples, “Live at Carnegie Hall” from 1973.  It rocked my socks off.  Shortly afterwards, my turntable was spinning The Imperials, “Sail On” from 1977, right after Russ Taff joined the group.  By that time, I was hooked.  My Christian faith was being reflected solidly on a production-quality status that I could respect, which would hold my ear.

Instead of asking what’s in your CD player right now, allow me to ask the following question for your personal comment.

What was your very first CCM album, or the artist that caught your ear?  Let us know about it and how God brought you to those speakers blaring out CCM.  I think we’ll find we have lots in common.

In His Grip,

Alan Scott

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