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Don't Wait For The Movie: Why Not and What Movie? By Philip Mayaab

It is very interesting to me how some people respond to change...there are those who embrace it, those who simply loathe it, and those who tolerate it. Change can be tough, no matter what it is that's doing the changing, and while there are situations where change has created disastrous  read more

Give Me Some "Candy," from Southern Gospel to CCM: By Philip Mayaab

There was a time when Contemporary Christian music as we know it today did not exist. Until the last couple of years of the 1960s, there was no Christian music that sounded like its top 40 counterparts, so there was nothing else for Christians to listen to but traditional Southern Gospel m  read more

Do You Remember Billy Sprague? Soon You Most Definately Will! By Philip Mayaab

Do you know what a dichotomy (dī-ˈkä-tə-mē) is? It's a very interesting word that Merriam Webster's dictionary defines as this... a division into two especially mutually exclusive ( contradictory (https://www.merriam-we  read more

From Superstardom in Mainstream to A Major Force In Christian Music; Guess Who? By Philip Mayaab

We have featured the Boone sisters on Vinyl Revival before, but as we all know, the member of the group that is the most familiar would have to be Debby. For many years, during the 1950s and early 60s, father Pat Boone was one of the earliest superstars of the rock and roll era. Then it   read more

Read About "The Champion" Guess Who? By Philip Mayaab

There are many mainstream musical acts who are identified by their first name, people like Madonna, Prince, and others. In the Christian market, there are some who go by one name only, but not very many, however we are featuring one on Vinyl Revival this week, who has needed only one na  read more

If it were rock, you might think of someone like The Eagles, or Crosby, Stills, & Nash, or Fleetwood Mac, or one of many others. But who would it be in CCM Music; by Philip Mayaab

If I were to say the word "supergroup" to you, who would be the first one you would think of? It could be anybody, depending on the genre. If it were rock, you might think of someone like The Eagles, or Crosby, Stills, & Nash, or Fleetwood Mac, or one of many others. But who would it   read more

Did You Know That Philip Bailey of Earth, Wing & Fire Crossded Over To CCM Music: by Philip Mayabb

There are few things that excite Christian music fans more than the stories about the artists who embark on a career in CCM after being in the mainstream, or secular market. We have featured some of these artists on Vinyl Revival, such as B.J. Thomas, Joe English, and Leon Patillo, and now  read more

Vinyl Revival's 1st Double Album Set: Read All About It: By Philip Mayabb

Ah, the double album set...yet another facet of the music industry from days gone by that has been largely forgotten. Oh I know that a majority of the new reissues on that really nice 280g vinyl are multiple record sets, but you must realize that is out of necessity. In order to get the s  read more

What Is The "True Story" Behind Andrae Crouch's Landmark Album; "Don't Give Up" By Philip Mayabb

As fans, we LOVE our music!! Back in the day, I used to love the anticipation I felt when I knew that one of my favorite artists was scheduled to release (they call it "drop" now) a new album, I loved seeing the new recording at the local Christian bookstore (they're mostly a thing of th  read more

A Mainstream Label Releases A Compilation Christian Album for the Very First Time: By Philip Mayabb

There is no exact science used in choosing the albums we feature on Vinyl Revival...I go through my own personal vinyl collection each week, and from there I pick an LP to play. We've played titles that some of you may have never heard before, and titles that everybody knows and lo  read more