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Dear Friends,

To start with, I want to give a big shout out to Philip Mayabb for not only covering for me this week but with such GREAT programming.  He makes my job easy as he inputs all this amazing music to choose from. Thanks Phillip!

Secondly, if you are unhappy with what is going on with this current administration; here is a quick recap on the border situation: Biden’s America Last policies are killing Americans and leading to misery and death at the border.

His radical open border policies have led to shocking growth in fentanyl overdoses, rape, sex slavery, and death.

Drug overdose deaths have reached an all-time high, driven primarily by the illegal cross-border fentanyl trade. You probably have a friend or family member who has fallen victim to this scourge on American society.  Record numbers of unaccompanied children are being sent across the border.  They make the dangerous trip North equipped with little more than birth control pills to protect them against predators that rape them and sell them into sex slavery.

Record numbers of migrants are dying at the border, drowning or succumbing to heat and dehydration.  The United Nations even named the U.S.-Mexico border the DEADLIEST migration land route in the WORLD.

So, if this disturbs you get out and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE; only 6 weeks away.

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Here Is The Schedule For Thursday, September 22

6AM - Album / "Shout 2001" Various Artists

8AM - Album / "CLEAN" Shane & Shane

9AM - Album / "Second Time Around" The Archers

10AM - Album / "Inside" WhiteHeart

11AM - Album / "Redemption Songs" Jars of Clay

12:30PM - Album / "Power House - WhiteHeart

1:30PM - Album / "Kisses From Heaven" - Tumes, Ashton & Dente

3PM - Album / "Sometimes Miracles Hide" Bruce Carroll

4PM - Album / "Love Come To Life" Big Daddy Weave

5PM - Album / "All That Matters" Dallas Holm & Praise

6PM - Album / "Grand Tour" Aaron Neville

7PM - Album / "Evie Favorites, Volume 1" Evie Tornquest

8PM - Album / "Devotion" Sierra

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I hope that you will tune in!

Many Blessings
Michael Lederer

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