Handup Initiative

Hand Up Ministries (HUM) Has Changes Its Direction

“The Story of Love Packages Told By Founder Steve Schmidt"

Those of you who are familiar with the work of "HUM" know we were engaged in the transitioning of a selected group of the homeless that were in fact in that situation due to a severe life crisis; bringing them back to living a healthy lifestyle. God moved Michael Lederer, co-founder of CCM Classic, out of his comfort zone into the streets of Nashville, TN. where lives were changed, including his own.

With the assault of the Covid-19 virus things changed drastically for the entire world. Michael felt that this chapter was coming to a close; patiently looking and waiting for The Lord to open a new door.

Relocation of Bibles

Michael, on a mission to purge most of his ever-expansive collection of Bibles and Christian literature, decided to find a good home for all of these materials.

The Journey Begins

The journey began by trying to figure out the right place to donate Christian literature. Wanting to be certain that it wound up in the correct hands, the expansive Google searches began.


There in living color was an organization "Love Packages", which seemingly checked all the boxes. Michael reached out to its founder Steve Schmidt; months later, communication was made between the two of them.

Sealing The Deal

What this organization does is amazing! When asked how it was funded, Steve went silent for a couple of seconds. Then Steve answered, "JESUS"; that was all he said. He explained that he had never asked anyone for anything. Everything ever needed, God provided. Michael decided this would be CCM Classic's new ministry directive.

The Story Behind Love Packages

It was the summer of 1975 when God spoke clearly to Steve Schmidt, showing him the abundance of Christian literature that was at his disposal and the lack of it in third world nations.

From Steve: "That year I began sending my excess literature overseas, as well as sixty boxes to missionaries in four countries. The word spread and we were off."

Friends started bringing their excess literature to be shipped overseas; never realizing; that from that mustard seed, God would build an amazing “World Outreach”.

Putting The Word of God Into Hungry Hands Worldwide

As Steve tells it, "Love Packages collects bible donations—as well as Christian books, Sunday School materials, and more—from people and publishers across the U.S. and ship them to our network of distributors all over the world.

"We ship more than 1000 tons of recycled gospel literature on the mission field every year. Our goal for 2020 is to ship 2,020 tons overseas."

“This Year Love Packages Will Ship Over 2000 Tons of Christian Literature Worldwide.”

how can you help?

Gather The Goods

*Weed through all your Christian literature including books, study guides, Sunday school literature and more.

*Package the goodies up in a box and ship them to 220 Union Street, Butler, IL. 62015 or to 60 Mountain Drive,Unit D, AL 35603; there are also drop off centers in different parts of the country. Soon, we will provide you with a list, but until we do, you can call Love Packages directly at; 217.355.3004 or 256.355.3004.

Make a Tax Deductible Donation

*Just go to the bottom of CCM Classics home page and you will see a "Donate Now" button. Please put "For Love Packages" in the memo area. Contact us with any questions.

Pray, Pray, Pray

*Pray that with the help of Christian artists, the Christian industry and the Social Media Community, we will raise awareness to folks throughout this nation about "Love Packages"